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Millions of years ago the barrier between the magic world and our world didn’t exist. Instead, there was a society where the indescribable and the normal lived together as one. The harmony and friendship of the world’s inhabitants touched the Goddess of the sky and inspired her to bestow a gift upon the world. A crystallized star that held a minor fraction of the Goddess’ powers. When the citizens of the world discovered the crystallized star, new ideas started to form on what they could use the stars abilities for. Some citizens wanted to use it to benefit their society or themselves, while others wanted to stay clear of the strange gift in fear of what it may do. Regardless of the reasoning, a war broke out and divided the world into two; those who wanted to use the star’s powers and those who did not. This infuriated the Goddess. Using her powers, she shattered the crystallized star and separated the two sides of the war by placing each of them in a mirror realm.

Some still to this day wonder why the Goddess created a barrier between the two realms or why the citizens even fought each other for the star. Regardless of the reason, many choose not to look too much into the story since its just that.
A story.

But in every story there is always a fragment of truth.

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Fantasy | RP | Adventure | World Building | Story Driven | 16+

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Guardians is a fantasy roleplay group set in world where our modern reality parallels another that’s full of magic and creatures. Normally, the two realities cannot interact with one another, but due to a celestial Goddess, a few hand-picked individuals can jump between the realms. These individuals are called Guardians and their job is to maintain the balance of the two worlds.

The next generation of Guardians are a bunch of bright-eyed recruits who will be learning the laws of the lands and the fine line between peace and chaos. But will the new recruits continue to uphold their duties of becoming Guardians or tip the scales into chaos? Only you can decide in this interactive adventure.

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Due to our mods being busy, our opening date shall be pushed back by a month! In the mean time, keep an eye out for any new announcements or updates!
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